Hotel Erwin

An original on the Boardwalk since 1975

We’re an integral part of the Venice Beach culture through and through. A cultural hub globally known for its oddities and eccentricities, we’re proud to be a lifestyle hotel living an unconventional and distinct lifestyle.

Erwin's Root

Erwin Sokol came to Venice in 1958 with a dream to open a hotel for families and tourists to come and enjoy Venice again, like they had in its heyday. This vision took hard work, dedication, and a lot of passion, but Sokol went above and beyond to give his guests a true Venice experience.

In 1975, Sokol opened the hotel’s doors, named at first as Marina Pacific Hotel & Suites, as Venice was not a destination for tourists in the mid-70s. Steadily, the city began to regain some of its tourism attractions. Shortly thereafter, he decided to rename it as Hotel Erwin, and it stuck.

Hotel Erwin was founded over forty years ago and has been the hangout spot over the last several decades for artists, surfers, techies, and skaters alike. We’re indescribably different yet authentic and totally unique. Inspiration and creativity are as much alive today in these walls as they were since our inception, and we’re committed to providing a totally one-of-a-kind experience to our guests just steps away from the Venice boardwalk.

Ever-evolving, Hotel Erwin has been part of the “it crowd” since 1975. We’re a reflection of the Venice Beach culture and have remained wonderfully original in our distinct corner of the world. It’s why we’re globally renowned and a popular choice to stay and hangout among travelers. Whether you’re here for a pizza and brew at Venice Way Pizza or staying in one of our boho-inspired suites, we invite you to kick back, relax, and live the Venice lifestyle.

How did Hotel Erwin get its name?

Hotel Erwin is named after our founder, Erwin Sokol, the vision and manifester behind this hotel. He created one of America’s most unique beachfront hotels over 40 years ago and breathed life into Venice again. He is a one-of-a-kind, inspirational, ingenious, and brilliant man who helped shape the Venice we know and love today.

Why is the ‘R’ backwards in the logo?

A play on Venice’s wacky, weird, and wonderful inhabitants, we’re just as playful, expressive, and unapologetically Erwin – hence why our ‘R’ is backwards in the logo. Take it or leave it.

When did Hotel Erwin first open its doors?

In the summer of 1975, not many travelers were too keen on staying near the drug-ridden Venice boardwalk. However, it didn’t take long for tourists to be allured and attracted to the wacky and oddities that makes up Venice beach. Slowly but surely, Hotel Erwin created a name for itself, and has become the vibrant and witty place tourists, residents, and passersby’s have grown to love over the years.

What makes this hotel so special and iconic, even over the last 45 years?

Our people, the service, our guests, and the unbeatable location. Just like our OG neighborhood, we’re unconventional, a total original, and have all the vibes. We don’t greet two guests the same because we embrace what makes them different. And that’s what makes us unique.

What is Hotel Erwin’s tagline?

Never normal. Always Venice.

with a little help from our friends

Contributors & Characters of Erwin



Larry Bell began his career in 1959 in abstract art by creating monochrome paintings, sculptural constructions, and standing glass panel walls. His spontaneity and experimentation with light, mass, volume, and large glass wall structures was recognized in the artist community, and shortly thereafter he began to create installations and interior wall environments for museums in New York and the United Kingdom.

In the 1980s, Bell experimented with mirage works, or rather an illusion resulting from a combination of light and heat and continues with these ‘Vapor Drawings’ to this day. He divides his work and time between his two studios in Taos, New Mexico and Venice, California.